• Lay person, maybe male or female
  • Appointed to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion to the congregation and to the sick and homebound
  • Properly formed, instructed and commissioned - receive sufficient spiritual, theological and practical preparation to fulfill our role with knowledge and reverence
  • Annually renew commitment to our ministry and serves with humility (avoid self recognition)
  • In all matters, follow the guidance of the parish priest
  • It was in 1973 when Pope Paul VI authorized the document Immensae Caritatis (Immense Charity) which clarified the conditions and issued instruction giving permission to diocesan bishop to designate lay men and women to distribute the Eucharist as Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion.
  • It was only last 1990 that the lay minister came into existence in Doha from the great effort made by a good priest FR.John
  • The first batch of candidates for Eucharistic Ministers had to attend a one and a half formation seminar. There were two Filipinos among the first eight Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion of Doha who were installed in 1990. They were involved in assisting the priest in giving the communion not only in houses, but in substation and the school (AMERICAN SCHOOL) who generously offered the place for the masses.
  • Through the years, the EMHC’s underwent continuous training and formation.
  • And as the population of people coming to hear mass grew in number, more EMHC’s were commissioned. There are now 49 Filipino EMHC’s, 4 of which are based and serving in the masses in Al Khor.
  • The group has become more structured with the selection of parish and community coordinators.

Prayer for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Prayer for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

O Virgin immaculate, thou who by a singular privilege of grace wast preserved from original sin, look in pity upon our separated brethren, who are nevertheless thy children, and call them back to the center of unity. Not a few of them, although separated from the Church, have kept a certain veneration for thee; and do thou, generous as thou art, reward them for it, by obtaining for them the grace of conversion.

Thou wast conqueror of the infernal serpent from the first instant of thy existence; renew even now, for it is now more necessary than ever before, thine ancient triumphs; glorify thy divine Son, bring back to Him the sheep that have strayed from the one fold and place them once more under the guidance of the universal Shepherd who holds the place of thy Son on earth; let it be thy glory, O Virgin who destroyest all heresies, to restore unity and peace once more to all the Christian people.

The process of pouring cement to accomplish a job is a precise endeavor. You must have the exact combination of ingredients to achieve the ideal mixture. But, once the required combination is achieved, it can result in a powerful foundation. However, if only one ingredient is wrong, the results can be horrible. When we examine our emotional life, it is a foundation of potential, waiting to be built.

As believers, when we look to the Lord, He will provide all things that He knows we will need. This can include: peace, happiness, joy, strength, and encouragement. But, when we transfer our focus elsewhere, we can be influenced by other factors. This can result in the wrong ingredients, like: sadness, fear, and anxiety. So, ensure that your foundation is strong and eternal. Keep your hope in the Lord.

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